Why choose Zinc?

Zinc offers distinctive and original surface aspects. This warm, luminous, highly expressive material responds freely to the play of light, its colours shifting to reflect the changing hues of the sky.

Because of its mechanical and aesthetic flexibility it lends itself to the creation of an often original, sometimes unexpected, but always happy marriage with other materials: wood, brick, cement, glass, etc.


Architects have unlimited creativity which can be perfectly expressed with zinc. The material is applied in strips and can therefore adopt any shape. It can be bent to fit curves with low radiuses and form complex shapes which are difficult to realise with other materials.

Optimum Investment

Zinc is not sensitive to corrosion: it protects itself by developing a patina that gives it an exceptional long life span (40 years in an aggressive urban environment to 100 years in a protected rural environment). It requires no maintenance, no necessity to have a coating or varnish. Zinc continues to develop a protective layer throughout its life and will self-repair imperfections and scratches.

Easy to specify

Zinc can be laid on slopes from 5%, to vertical. It allows a varied range of construction layouts and the management of complex details that are impossible to realise with other materials. It adapts to local professional particularities, to regulation or comfort requirements specific to each building.

Natural and recyclable

A natural primary material, zinc can be recycled indefinitely which benefits all the players in the chain.

RHEINZINK consists of an alloy of zinc with the addition of titanium and copper. The material is manufactured in a continuous wide strip casting and rolling process.

Further fabrication produces sheets, rainwater goods and cladding systems.

RHEINZINK is ideally suited for all roofing shapes and forms including domed, conical, concave and convex shapes using standing seams as the method of jointing.

Traditional roll cap joints can also be used when required. All roofing applications must be adequately ventilated: the company's literature shows recommended detailing. A full range of rainwater goods is also available in both bright and pre weathered finish.

For more information about RHEINZINK please visit their website http://www.rheinzink.co.uk

There are many reasons for choosing VM ZINC for your roofing and facade projects. Zinc is naturally resistant to corrosion , extremely durable and does not require costly maintenance. In addition, the flexibility, malleability and versatility of zinc, combined with its pleasing aspect, make it the material of choice for imaginative building projects from individual homes to commercial complexes, public buildings and private projects.

Because VM ZINC is suitable for all roof pitches above 5° and for all types of shapes (straight, curved, folded, etc.), it offers freedom of expression for roof design. VM ZINC answers every architectural demand.

For more information about VM ZINC please visit their website http://www.vmzinc.com