Frequently Asked Questions

What is RubberBond™ EPDM?

RubberBond™ Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer synthetic sheet rubber membrane is a remarkable material that:

  • Repels all moisture, snow and rain.
  • Is flexible and easily bends with no stress, to follow the contours of the roof, upstands to walls, check curb edges, skylights, pipes, terminations into gutters and the like.
  • Can stretch with up to 300% elongation, which easily accommodates building movement.
  • Is not affected by extremes of temperature.
  • Will not tear, split or crack with age.
  • Is manufactured in large sheet sizes from 3.05 to metres wide and up to 30.5 metres long.
  • What does “FleeceBack™” mean?

    This patented technology laminates a layer of non-woven polyester to the underside of the RubberBond™ EPDM resulting in:

  • A thicker stronger product
  • Over twice the thickness of standard EPDM
  • 180%* plus greater tear resistance
  • 60%* plus greater impact resistance
  • There is no shrinkage or stress to cause leaks at laps, flashings, up stands or other angle changes or penetrations
  • *Greater than standard 1.14-thick EPDM
  • Are EPDM synthetic rubber roofing membranes new?

    No. The first synthetic rubber membranes, developed in America by Carlisle-Syntec™, were laid in the 1960's and are still protecting flat roofs some 40 years later.

    Carlisle provides what no other single-ply manufacturer can -- over 40 years of experience, credibility and reliability.

    How long will a RubberBond™ FleeceBack™ EPDM roof last for?

    All evidence, real life exposure, and laboratory tests suggest that when correctly installed, a RubberBond™ FleeceBack™ roof will last in excess of 40 years.

    How proven is EPDM?

    Over One billion square metres of EPDM have been installed worldwide from the glaring sun of the Middle East to the Arctic conditions of Alaska. Over One hundred million square meters will be installed this year.

    Is RubberBond™ EPDM synthetic rubber membrane suitable for my flat roof?

    EPDM rubber is suitable for virtually all flat and low sloping roofs.

    Are all roofing surveys free and without obligation?

    Yes. An Independent RubberBond™ approved contractor offers a full service including, Design and specification Written quotation

    What does RubberBond™ EPDM look like?

    It has a smooth natural slate grey finish.

    Can I walk on it?

    Yes, it is resistant to frequent foot traffic. For heavy usage such as roof patio areas it can be overlaid with a variety of durable finishes, paving slabs, timber or plastic decking etc.

    Is RubberBond™ EPDM expensive?

    No, despite its considerable technical advantages it compares well with other quality roofing systems and because of its long life span will often work out to be much cheaper over time.

    Is RubberBond™ environmentally friendly?

    RubberBond™ EPDM is an inert material with limited environmental impact during manufacture and use of the product.

    If EPDM is so good why isn't everyone using it?

    The manufactures have invested millions of dollars in manufacturing processes and branding. To protect these investments only trained and approved installers that have proved they can maintain the highest of standards are allowed to use the materials. This has until recently been predominantly in the commercial sector, but is now at last also available, through approved RubberBond™ installers to residential properties utilizing the RubberBond™ EPDM roofing system.

    Why do I need a RubberBond™ Approved Installer?

    No matter how good a product is, quality installation is essential. RubberBond™ for your peace of mind is only available from Independent Approved Contractors who have passed a full installation training course.